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 Dalyan Information
Dalyan InformationDalyan InformationDalyan Information

Turkish Board of Tourism

 Dalyan TripAdvisors Traveller's Choice winner 2010

Dalyan was originally a countryside village of fishermen and farmers but is now one of the smaller sized, yet ever popular, tourist towns on the famous Turkish south coast Riviera. Last season Dalyan was voted #1 traveller's choice holiday destination by TripAdvisor for 2010. It is centrally located in the midst of the best holiday locations on the south coast of Turkey and has many advantages as a popular holiday destination. It is close to the famous and picturesque Iztuzu Beach where the protected loggerhead turtles lay their eggs each summer. Just a 30 minute drive from Dalaman International Airport, it lies right in the middle of the most visited tourist locales along the Mediterranean coast. Spectacular nature abounds everywhere around Dalyan and can be seen and experienced by taking boat trips, Jeep tours, or by going on a guided trek to visit the enchanting locations which exist in every direction. It is the ideal holiday destination because of its spectacular beauty and its convenient location where you can enjoy the very best that a holiday in Turkey has to offer.


Dalyan - Holiday in Paradise on the South Turkish Riviera

Sit back and relax as you take the thirty minute boat cruise past the Lycian Rock Tombs adorning the hillsides and travel through the high rustling reed beds of the fabulous river delta from the centre of Dalyan to the famous 'Turtle Beach'. Pull over on the way and stop off at any of the local crab fishing boats and enjoy Dalyan's famous blue crabs fresh from the water. Dalyan's Iztuzu beach is a 5km golden sand bar stretching across the mouth of the river delta where it meets the ocean. Chaise lounges and beach umbrellas are available for rent and at both ends of the beach there are toilets, showers and restaurants serving ice cold drinks and a selection of hot snacks throughout the day.

 Turtle Beach Dalyan

Following a very successful campaign by David Belamy and Kaptain June, which made international headlines back in the 1990's, this is now the protected home and nesting ground of the Caretta Caretta (loggerhead) turtles. At the opposite end of the beach to where the boats arrive, by the road entrance, there is a small turtle rescue sanctuary where you can visit turtles that have been taken in to be looked after before being released back out into the wild again. Adopt-a-Turtle from just £3 a month and help MCS secure a safer future for endangered marine turtles - Click Here

There is also a regular minibus (Dolmus) service from Dalyan town centre which travels beside the lake through beautiful winding roads down to the beach and takes about twenty minutes.

 Dalyan Lycian Rock TombsOne of the most famous and spectacular attractions in Dalyan are the Lycian rock tombs of the ancient kings; these can be found all along the Lycian coast but the very best examples of them are just across the river from the Dalyan town centre. There are two different types of rock tombs; one type are just a simple chamber cut into the rock face like a room and the others are far more elaborate temple like rock tomb carvings. The rock tombs date back to 400BC and are the final resting places for the ancient kings of Kaunos. You can also take a short boat trip across the river and visit the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos itself which is just a few kilometres further to the west behind the rock tombs.

Every Saturday in the center of Dalyan is the weekly market known in Turkish as the Pazar. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices, cheese, and olives are offered for sale by local farmers. There is also a large selection of clothes, shoes, housewares, tools, fabrics, and numerous other items that are sold under the cover of large canvas tent-like awnings. This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning shopping for bargains before settling in one of the many local restaurant for lunch. There are restaurants to suit every taste; from traditional Turkish cuisine to good old English favourites and even one Chinese restaurant and one Indian restaurant so you will always be spoilt for choice when deciding where to dine out in Dalyan.

 The Dalyan SCUBA Diving Centre Come SCUBA diving in paradise. The PADI accredited Dalyan Dive Centre caters for all divers and offers diving tuition and courses for first time divers. Their experienced multi-lingual and well trained staff would like to take you diving in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. A day spent diving with the Dalyan Dive Centre is great fun for both experienced divers and beginners alike. If you do not want to dive yourself, you can join your diving friends or family members and snorkel or swim while they dive. Lessons and briefings can be provided in four different languages; English, German, Dutch and Turkish. So, when in Dalyan, be sure to visit the Dalyan Dive Centre directly opposite the Ethos Donmez Hotel on Mares Mh. Yali Sk. and enjoy your SCUBA diving in Dalyan.

 Club Sweet Dalyan When the hot sun finally goes down Dalyan comes to life with a whole myriad of bars and restaurants to choose from all along the main street. You can start at Leon's bar at the top of the main street, just around the corner from the central turtles statue roundabout, and then work your way down the main street visiting The Pop-In Fun Pub, The Blue Bar opposite, then up to Viva bar, Sofra Bar and Delta Bar, then from there up to the Captain's Sports Bar, then My Place Bar, The Tequila Bar, Brothers Bar, M&M Rock Bar, Ottaman Bar, Sun Ray Bar ...and if you're still standing, and still want to party more, then it's up to the Club Sweet Disco which stays open until dawn.

As you can see, Dalyan has the unique ability to cater for both young and old alike... If you are looking for a quiet peaceful relaxing holiday in the sun, with amazing scenery and ancient places of interest, boat cruises, bird watching, mud baths, fishing, shopping and a great selection of good food then Dalyan is the place to visit. Likewise, if you are looking for fun in the sun and drinking until the early hours then Dalyan has all this to offer and much more...

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