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 Dalyan Information
Dalyan InformationDalyan InformationDalyan Information
Dalyan Information
Dalaman International Airport
Arriving passengers at the International Terminal of Dalaman Airport go to the 1st floor, and for departing passengers it is on the 2nd floor. There are Duty Free Shops, shopping areas where you can buy products that are unique to Turkey, and entertainment and resting places. Passengers will have the chance to taste different dishes from Turkish and world cuisine at the restaurants and cafes on the mezzanine floor while watching the take-offs and landings. Services such as ticket sales, banks and exchange offices, a post office, emergency care clinic, pharmacy, car rentals, hotel reservations, florist, and restrooms are offered to passengers.
Executive Airport Transfers
Having landed at Dalaman Airport passengers arriving for a holiday want to get to their hotel or villa quickly with a minimum of trouble. Holiday travelers are often tired after a long flight and wish to get to their destination in a clean vehicle with a driver that speaks their language and offers his service at a reasonable price. No haggling and no hassle - just good service with a friendly and helpful driver with no surprises or high-cost fares. If you wish to book an airport transfer that excels in delivering quality service at very reasonable prices click here for more information and a form you can submit to secure your Dalaman Airport transfer.
Motor Coaches
It is not only possible, but even quite comfortable to travel to any location in Turkey on a large comfortable Motor Coach. These buses are very well maintained and most have a steward aboard that serves tea and soft drinks, as well as offering warm lemon-scented wash cloths to refresh you after many hours on the road. There are many Motor Coach companies - Ulusoy, Varan, and a couple of others seem to be the best. These buses usually make rest stops to allow the passengers to get food, drinks, and to let their stiff limbs stretch.
You can travel almost anywhere in Turkey on a low-cost mini-bus which are referred to as a "Dolmas". These are the most common means of transportation between cities and through urban areas. They are designed to accomodate about 12-15 passengers, but you'll find that you will be amazed at how many people they cram into them at times. Even on trips of more than 30 km there are often passengers standing in the isle and generally packed in like sardines. However, they remain the preferred form of transportation for not only the Turkish locals, but foriegners alike.
Every airport in Turkey has an abundance of clean modern Taxis to serve you. In every tourist destination there is always plenty of them waiting to wisk you off to your destination. There is not a set fare, so it is always advisable to get a set price upfront. Haggling over the price is not only acceptable but it is expected, so don't just accept the first price you are told. The public transportation sector in Turkey has come under increasing government scrutiny and control, so the vehicles are well maintained and of a fairly late model year.
River Boat
The Dalyan and Candir boat coops offer transportation to Iztuzu, Bakardi, and Ekincik Beaches. You can travel through the reed beds for a day on the beach at Iztuzu, or take a full day excursion to Ekinçik Bay or Bakardi Beach and have a barbecue on the beach. It is also possible to take a full day excursion to Köyceğiz for the pazar and have a barbecue along the way. There is also a Midnight Moonlight Tour onto Lake Köyceğiz for a barbecue under the stars.
If you need to get around town or off into a closeby surrounding area, a scooter can be rented in many locations. Most have an automatic transmission and are very easy to drive for a beginner. However, use a great deal of caution on the roads in and around town as driving can usually be a rather dodgy situation in Turkey. Always be on the watch for other bikes and scooters and definitely for drivers behind the wheel of a car or truck. Drivers in Turkey do not seem to take notice of bikes and scooters or give them the courtesy and attention that they recieve in other countries.

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